Insight into SAP Fiori and Screen Personas

Posted by Ashish Mahakul

SAP Fiori is a newly launched user experience (UX) for SAP applications. It is a next-gen UX, based on modern design principles, that elevates the overall look and usability of SAP applications. SAP Fiori provides users with a simple, personalized, and seamless experience across devices. It can deliver role-based UX for all lines of businesses and all types of applications (Transactional, Analytical, and Factsheet).

SAP Screen Personas, on the other hand, is a product to personalize the SAP screens. The product is integrated into existing ERP license, allowing personalized SAP screens and automate business processes. It comes with a drag-drop feature to modify SAP GUI screens to enhance usability and visual appeal.

In this blog post, we focus on SAP Fiori and Screen Personas’ implementation & their benefits.

SAP Screen Personas

SAP Screen Personas can help simply existing SAP GUI applications and configure them according to the requirements. It is easy to create flavors for any SAP GUI transaction and assign them either to individual users or a group of users. Users can, thus, remove fields or elements of the SAP GUI, and rearrange the fields or elements to support business requirements and processes.

Personalized flavors of SAP Screen Personas can:

  • Enhance the business user productivity by making available the screen elements and data that are necessary for faster and accurate business transactions through fewer data entry fields.
  • Improve user satisfaction by automating routine tasks and simplifying complicated screens through pre-filled fields and drop-down menus.
  • Minimize the cost of personalization by excluding ABAP programmers or scripting experts.
  • Lower the SAP users training time.

Steps for Developing Beautiful Screens

  1. Initiate work group and listen to the requirements of the users
  2. Confirm end-user requirements to finalize the right scenarios
  3. Modify the screen associated with the new scenarios
  4. Test the scenarios
  5. Deploy the new screen to the production system
Figure 1: SAP Screen

SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori design principle

The designing principle of SAP Fiori are:

  • Role-based – SAP Fiori is designed for your business needs. It gains insights on the multifaceted roles to provide the correct information at the right time and reflect the work culture.
  • Adaptive – SAP Fiori enables users to work from anywhere at any time, irrespective of the device and provides instant and relevant insights.
  • Simple – SAP Fiori prompts intuitive and quick completion of a job. It helps to focus on essential functions and activities, and even personalize the experience.
  • Coherent – SAP Fiori supports intuitive and consistent UX across the enterprise from sales order to latest KPI review to leave management.
  • Delightful – SAP Fiori simplifies the job, enriching the overall work experience.

Types of SAP Fiori apps

SAP Fiori apps provide a consumer-grade user experience for the most commonly used scenarios in SAP software. Currently 7670 SAP Fiori apps are available across different lines of business and industries covering a wide range from analytical to transactional tasks.

There are three leading types of apps available on SAP Fiori:

  • Transactional: Transactional apps enable execution of transactions such as leave request, travel requests, etc.
  • Analytical: Analytical apps provide role-based real-time information about business operations.
  • Object page/Factsheet: Factsheets help provide the key information and contextual information in business operations.

UI/UX Improvement

Fiori App Development

Figure 2: Fiori home page
Figure 3: Fiori timesheet
Figure 4: Fiori purchase order approval
Figure 5: Fiori purchase order rejection
Figure 6: Fiori travel & expense app; flight finder
Figure 7: Fiori travel & expense app; expense calculator
Figure 8: Fiori travel & expense app; adding expenses
Figure 9: Fiori travel & expense app: creating expense report
Figure 10: Fiori travel & expense app; expense report confirmation
Figure 11: Fiori timesheet create and approval app
Figure 12: Fiori timesheet creation
Figure 13: Fiori timesheet entry

Customization/Extension of Fiori Apps (SAP Web IDE)

You can develop custom Fiori UI5 applications and extend the usability of existing Fiori applications by using SAP Web IDE or Eclipse IDE.

Below, we learn to extend a standard SAP Fiori application (here: Purchase Order Approval) using a SAP Web IDE. The different possibilities of extending a Fiori app view are displayed below:

  • Hide a control
  • Extend by implementing an extension point & replace a view
  • Replace a service
Figure 14: Fiori customization module

Access ABAP Reports through Fiori Launchpad

Figure 15: Fiori report module
Figure 16: Fiori time entry report

Xavient SAP Fiori Rapid Deployment Solutions

Xavient’s Rapid Deployment Solutions for Fiori follow a highly structured approach for accelerated implementation. These solutions feature prepackaged transactional, analytical and factsheets apps across multiple business functions, which can be deployed quickly and affordably with a fixed timeline.


SAP Fiori and Screen Personas are the new age tools to deliver intricate user experiences. These tools help overcome the challenges of the legacy system and give a modern overhaul to the UX and usability. Now that the tools are available within underlying licenses of SAP software, you can implement it in your organization and reap its benefits.

That is all from us.

Let us know your thoughts on SAP Fiori and Screen Personas in the comments below.

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