A Know-how of Timesheet Management via Chatbot

Posted by Ashish Mahakul

SAP Timesheet Management using Chatbot is an application, which helps users in managing their time entries quickly and efficiently in real-time through mobile phones. Chatbot is an AI-powered computer program that conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. SAP Timesheet Management using Chatbot is an application, which helps users in managing their time entries quickly and efficiently in real-time through mobile phones. Chatbot is an AI-powered computer program that conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods.

Application usages

This section provides detailed guidelines for the usage of SAP Timesheet Management Application. Following are the key features of the application:

• An authorized person can approve/ reject the timesheet.

• An authorized person can check the existing timesheet requests in detail.

• An authorized person can check the status of a pending request at any time.

• Timesheets can be filtered for a specific duration or for the entire request.

• It is a one-time activity.

Installing the application

The SAP Timesheet Management Application is a native application that you need to install on your device. You can download the application directly from the app store ( for devices running on Android and for devices running iOS).

User Manual

It is a communication document intended to give assistance to people using a particular system/application.

  • SAP Timesheet Management login screen

Clicking the application icon will open up the login screen, as shown in the following figure. Here you need to enter your user name and password (Xavient credentials) in the provided fields, and then click on the SIGN IN button to access the account.

  • Accessing support screen

After you log into the application, you will see the following screen, wherein you can chat with the bot.

  • List of offered services

In the figure shown below, we could see different types of services. Select a service for further related actions.

  • Available actions on selected service

Here we have seen all the pending timesheets for approval/ rejection. From here, the approver role has to be selected to proceed according to their responsibility.

  • Timesheet record display

After selecting the user type, we can choose to get the timesheet records for a specific period or view all the records. If we decide to get the timesheet records for a specific period, we need to select a start and end date; else, all the timesheet pending for approval would appear in your inbox.

  • Timesheet period selections

In the next screen, we get the option to select the date to view the timesheets for the specific duration; i.e. choosing the start and end date.

  • List of timesheet

Upon selecting the time-period, we see the result with all the timesheets during the period.

We can click on the timesheet to get more details about the employee record using scroller. For instance, we could see the employee’s ID, the project they are working on, start and end date of the project, along with total working hours with segregation of billable and non-billable hours.

  • Timesheet approval process

The timesheet list comes with an option to approve or reject a particular or all the timesheets. Click the checkbox to select the timesheet(s) and click the ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ button. You will receive a message when the timesheet it approved or rejected.

For timesheet rejection, however, we also need to select a reason for the rejection from the dropdown options.

  • Multiple timesheet rejections

The application does not support the rejection of multiple timesheets at the same time. Only one timesheet can be rejected at a time. In the below figure, we can see a popup appear when the user tries to select multiple timesheets for rejection.

Timesheet Flow Chart


It is evident in the blog how simple and convenient timesheet management via chatbot is in SAP. We hope the details provided in the blog will go a long way in helping you get familiar with the application and you will be able to use it frequently. Getting work details has never been so easy in SAP.

In fact, chatbots can be your company’s first point of contact for customers for after-sales service and for employees for reports, analysis, transaction, and other company related information.

Chatbots also gives organizations an opportunity to serve their customers 24/7/365. Implementing chatbots can go a long way in ensuring optimum customer service as well as improving CSAT and NPS. According to reports, a majority of customers concerns can easily be resolved by chatbots, thus, reducing the workload on the customer service agents.

Use the SAP bot timesheet management application and let us know your experience in the comments below.

That’s all from us.

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