Column Store Index in SQL Server 2012


This post is about the new feature, i.e., Column Store Index which is available since SQL 2012 version. Microsoft has released column store index to improve the performance by 10x. In today’s blog, we will discuss about the architecture, limitations and dependencies of this new feature.   What is Column Store index? This is a […]

Mobile App Automation Testing using ‘ESPRESSO’


If you are a Mobile Apps Test Engineer, you cannot overlook the very reliable Google Product i.e. Espresso. Espresso is an automatic UI testing or as we call it “hands free testing” framework. This is not entirely true as you still have to use your hands to write a code. Once you’ve written the code, Espresso […]

Content Data Store


Content Data Store Content Data Store (CDS) is a system to provide storage facilities to massive data sets in the form of images, pdfs, documents and scanned documents. This dataset is processed, organized and managed by CDS. CDS is a fast data ingestion and lookup system for heterogeneous dataset and its content. Businesses want to […]

Understanding Teradata Wallet

tdwallet 1

Teradata Wallet is a facility for storage of sensitive/secret information, such as Teradata Database user passwords. Users are able to save and retrieve items by using this facility. Teradata wallet is the latest piece of Teradata software, introduced  in latest Teradata Tools and Utilities packages those are version 14.00/15.00 and later. Here in the customers […]

Teradata Intelligent Memory (TIM)


Overview of Teradata Teradata is a RDBMS (Relational Database Management System). This system is solely based on off-the-shelf (readymade) symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) technology combined with communication networking, connecting SMP systems to form Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) systems. It is wholly used to manage large data warehousing operations. Teradata acts as a single data store that […]

Manager’s Dilema: SAS vs R vs Python


There are countless articles on this topic already, and I must begin by accepting that I am quite late to this superstar battle. However, every time these champions of analytics face off, experts argue on the basis of Cost/Affordability, Ease of Learning, Data Handling Capability, Customer Support and Graphical capabilities. Though all these are absolutely […]

Understanding Oracle Multitenant 12c database


Overview of Oracle Multitenant Databases Overview Database 12c Enterprise Edition introduces Multitenant, a new design that empowers clients to effortlessly merge numerous databases, without changing their applications. This new design gives the advantage of overseeing various databases as one, yet holds the confinement and asset prioritization of discrete databases. Multitenant empowers fast provisioning and works […]

Oracle Goldengate


Oracle GoldenGate is an Oracle proprietary software for real-time data integration and replication that supports different databases- Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Ingres, MySQL etc. Even the source and target database can be different. It enables high availability solutions, real-time data integration, transaction change data capture, data replication, transformations besides other features. Golden gate Architecture Following […]